California Weekly Wholesale Feedstuff Prices
Portland, OR    Tue Oct 22, 2019    USDA Market News

CA Wholesale Feedstuff Prices                    Compared to Tue Oct 15, 2019

Soybean Meal, 47 1/2% Protein solvent process
  BNSF/UP Singles Delivered Chino Valley         334.90-355.90   dn 0.10-0.90
                                           Basis 28 to 49+Z      up 0.8-unch
Cottonseed Meal, 41% Protein solvent process
  FOB Central San Joaquin Valley                 268.00          up 3.00-dn 2.00
                                         Nov-Mar 268.00          no comp
  Rail-Truck Los Angeles                         NA
Cottonseed Hulls
  FOB Central San Joaquin Valley                 NA
                                         Jan-Mar 275.00          no comp
  Rail-Truck Los Angeles                         NA
Whole Cottonseed
  FOB Central/South San Joaquin Valley           365.00          up 20.00-5.00
              Pima                               285.00          up 10.00-dn 20.00
Safflower Meal
  FOB Southern San Joaquin Valley                NA
                                         Jan-Jun 185.00          no comp

Meat and Bone Meal 50% Protein - Ruminant
  FOB Northern & Central California Plants   Ltd 210.00          up 10.00-unch
  FOB Los Angeles Area Plants                Ltd 210.00          up 10.00-unch
  Truck Northern & Central California        Ltd 245.00          up 15.00-unch
  Truck Los Angeles                              NA
Yellow Grease (Cents per lb.)
  FOB Los Angeles Area Plants                    .2450 - .27     unch-dn .0050
  FOB San Francisco Bay Area Plants              NA
  Truck Imperial Valley                          .25   - .2850   unch-dn .0050
  Truck San Joaquin Valley                       .24   - .2650   unch-dn .0050
Blood Meal 85% Protein - Ruminant
  Truck Central San Joaquin Valley               725.00          unch

Wheat Millrun-Truck Delivered
  FOB Los Angeles Mill Door                      135.00          unch-dn 35.00
  Delivered Los Angeles                          NA
  Delivered Northern & Central Mills             NA
Rice Bran
  FOB Northern California Mills                  125.00-150.00   up 5.00-unch
Yellow Hominy Feed
  Rail to California Points                      NA
  FOB Truck to California Points                 190.00          unch

Distillers Dry Grains 
  Rail to California Points                      211.00          up 6.00-1.00
  FOB Truck to California Points                 NA
Corn Gluten Pellets, 21 pct
  FOB California Points                          NA
Canola Meal
  FOB Central San Joaquin Valley                 NA
  Rail Central San Joaquin Valley                NA
Whole Almond Hulls
  FOB Huller Butte/Colusa County             Ltd 85.00           unch
  FOB Huller Madera County                   Ltd 105.00          unch
                              Oct-Dec Sale hulls 112.00          no comp
                                Sale hulls/shell 90.00           no comp
  FOB Huller Fresno County                   Ltd 105.00          unch
  FOB Huller Kern County                     Ltd 110.00          unch
  FOB Huller Modesto/Oakdale/Turlock/Merced  Ltd 100.00          unch
  FOB Huller Stanislaus County                   NA
Delivered Stockton/Modesto/Oakdale/Turlock       107.00-115.00   unch-dn 10.00
Delivered Hanford/Tulare/Visalia                 115.00-120.00   unch
Delivered Los Angeles                            130.00          unch-dn 5.00
Delivered Kern/Bakersfield                       120.00-125.00   unch

NOTE: All prices are offers for prompt shipment, dollars per short ton, bulk, 
unless otherwise stated.

OC = Old Crop  NC = New Crop  NA = Not Available  Ltd = Limited
NFE = Not Fully Established  NE = Not Established  no comp = No Comparison
BNSF= Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad  UP = Union Pacific Railroad
N = Nominal  IND = Indicated  FH = First Half  LH = Last Half
Chicago and Kansas City Board of Trade's month symbols: F = January, H = March, 
K = May, N = July, Q = August, U = September, V = October, X = November, 
Z = December
Source:  USDA Market News Service, Portland, OR
         Niki Davila 503-535-5001
         24 hour PNW grain price information 503-535-5005

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