Drought scenario is still on

Subject: AG- Mute News, Safest time to Trade is Pre-Reports

This is yesterdays client email but it was on WalshTrading.

ARP Wheat Pit, by Ann Ponce

KC is explosive to me. Corn did hit an OLB 388.5, missed olb2 by smidge. KC took out low, then blasted outside up day now. These may be your Summer plays. Lock and load. Bean bulls, call me, you need help. Use a sell stop in beans. I am not a bean expert but I did have Ill lisc. Plate, No Beans.

Macro topic,

So now that we all know that the AG News plays you. Tariff fright? They, dont trade that way and neither should we. Smart money sell, like today in stocks on Kim Jung Un. The minute Trump came out of the meeting, stocks were offered lower.

The 1983 Drought scenario is still on, just as we have just broken 40c , 10%, off of the OLS at 429. Alert- Summer drought is in play in a falling knife vertical price decline firesale!

Feeders failure on Mondays 830am open 100 higher then fail? Maybe, but coming into the end of the qtr, and if I were hedging beef prices for next year, I would be loading up on in-house inventory. Must let market come to you, not other way around.

Rain makes Grain and turn around Tuesday? SMNZ anybody? Call me on this crash spread. Nobody wants cash meal? I cant keep up with story which is why we only play charts. My levels are suggested, not required. We all have different Traderprofiles.

Grain Calls? Now is time to get ready, as they are cheapest when No one wants them! Its game on for Summer drought and this is freefall is chance to scatter the field with Macro small bets. You gotta get some on the cards! (Trading cards).

Meats- long term QtrEnd1 18 was bottom. If you bought FCX down there, that Olive buyer doesnt let go till it turns loser. Similar play is now in corn. I pointed out beans were the dog poop months ago. Spread was positive $1.00old crop.

SXKWZ is on cusp of collapse big picture. Its about minus$1.80ish and could tag minus $7.00. Long shot.

Corn folks should becovering feed needs onthis sell off. My goodness, a 50c break, that few saw coming, except Mr. Olive! CZ low 388ish.

Do not buy beans without a stop. Diamonds steak may cease today, for bounce.

Coffee- we have higher low with stop, same qtr end idea. 115 stop. Levels lower if you need idea.

Trade price not seasonal s. Same reason as fundamentals.

Cotton blew over olives but did give one shot to scratch at higher OLS2.

Trading must be money management of your risk capital in account. Thats what my mentor ingrained in me many years ago.

Options- New Rules explained on why we must try to trade options for free. In last 4 months I have seen calls at least double three times. They go back to zero-ish so fast.

We can plan the trade and trade the plan. It keeps you in game! Give me a call and lets talk your market.

See the diamonds in beans and meal. CZ 388 ish was an OLB1 in panic yesterday.

A R Palmer

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