California Weekly Wholesale Feedstuff Prices
Portland, OR    Tue Feb 13, 2018    USDA Market News

CA Wholesale Feedstuff Prices                    Compared to Tue Feb 6, 2018

Soybean Meal, 47 1/2% Protein solvent process
  BNSF Singles Delivered Chino Valley            401.70-412.70   up 35.30-42.30
                                           Basis 35 to 46+K      up 4-11
  UP Singles Delivered Chino Valley              401.70-406.70   up 35.30-36.30
                                           Basis 35 to 40+K      up 4-5
Cottonseed Meal, 41% Protein, solvent process
  FOB Central San Joaquin Valley                 260.00-290.00   unch-up 8.00
                                         Feb-May 280.00          up 8.00
  Rail-Truck Los Angeles                         NA
Cottonseed Hulls
  FOB Central San Joaquin Valley                 185.00-195.00   unch
                                         Feb-May 185.00          unch
  Rail-Truck Los Angeles                         NA
Whole Cottonseed
  FOB Central/South San Joaquin Valley           270.00-275.00   unch
              Pima                               240.00-257.00   unch-dn 3.00
Safflower Meal
  FOB Southern San Joaquin Valley        Feb-May 145.00          up 5.00

Meat and Bone Meal 50% Protein - Ruminant
  FOB Northern & Central California Plants       235.00-250.00   unch
  FOB Los Angeles Area Plants                    235.00-250.00   unch
  Truck Northern & Central California            275.00-280.00   unch
  Truck Los Angeles                              275.00          unch
Yellow Grease (Cents per lb.)
  FOB Los Angeles Area Plants                    .2450 - .2525   unch
  FOB San Francisco Bay Area Plants          Ltd .2450 - .26     unch
  Truck Imperial Valley                          .25   - .27     unch
  Truck San Joaquin Valley                       .24   - .2450   unch
Blood Meal 85% Protein - Ruminant
  Truck Central San Joaquin Valley               750.00          unch

Wheat Millrun-Truck Delivered
  FOB Los Angeles Mill Door                      115.00-145.00   unch-up 9.00
  Delivered Los Angeles                          NA
  Delivered Northern & Central Mills             NA
Rice Bran
  FOB Northern California Mills                  130.00-150.00   unch-up 5.00
Yellow Hominy Feed
  Rail to California Points                      165.00-170.00   unch
  FOB Truck to California Points                 165.00-180.00   unch-up 5.00

Distillers Dry Grains
  Rail to California Points                    N 204.00-211.00   unch
  FOB Truck to California Points               N 210.00-223.00   unch
Corn Gluten Pellets, 21 pct
  FOB California Points                          170.00-182.00   unch
Canola Meal
  FOB Central San Joaquin Valley               N 300.00-310.00   unch
  Rail Central San Joaquin Valley                NA
Whole Almond Hulls
  FOB Huller Butte/Colusa County             Ltd 85.00           unch
  FOB Huller Madera County                   Ltd 105.00          unch
  FOB Huller Fresno County                   Ltd 105.00          unch
  FOB Huller Kern County                     Ltd 110.00          unch
  FOB Huller Modesto/Oakdale/Turlock/Merced  Ltd 100.00          unch
  FOB Huller Stanislaus County                   NA
Delivered Stockton/Modesto/Oakdale/Turlock       100.00-110.00   unch
Delivered Hanford/Tulare/Visalia                 110.00-115.00   unch
Delivered Los Angeles                            114.00-130.00   unch
Delivered Kern/Bakersfield                   Ltd 120.00          unch

NOTE: All prices are offers for prompt shipment, dollars per short ton, bulk, 
unless otherwise stated.

OC = Old Crop  NC = New Crop  NA = Not Available  Ltd = Limited
NFE = Not Fully Established  NE = Not Established  no comp = No Comparison
BNSF= Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad  UP = Union Pacific Railroad
N = Nominal  IND = Indicated  FH = First Half  LH = Last Half
Chicago and Kansas City Board of Trade's month symbols: F = January, H = March, 
K = May, N = July, Q = August, U = September, V = October, X = November, 
Z = December
Source:  USDA Market News Service, Portland, OR
         Niki Davila 503-535-5001
         24 hour PNW grain price information 503-535-5005

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