Daily National Grain Market Summary
St. Joseph, MO     Tue, Feb 13, 2018     USDA-MO Dept of Ag Market News

Daily National Grain Market Summary

  Compared to yesterday, cash bids for corn and wheat were mixed, soybeans were
higher, and sorghum was lower.  With U.S. corn crops stored away for winter and
domestic demand staying active, cash corn prices continue to push higher in line
with their seasonal tendencies and should have room to go higher before farmer
selling becomes more tempting.  The bullish leader of the soy complex is March
soybean meal, thanks to this, the crush incentive in soybeans is now at its
highest level since 2002, so we should see a bullish crush report for January in
Thursday's report from the National Oilseed Processors Association.  Even though
the world has plenty of wheat available in early 2018, this winter's dry
conditions throughout the western U.S. Plains has given noncommercial bears
something to worry about.  Drought concerns could change by spring, but so far,
the trends remain up in winter wheat.  Corn was steady to 5 cents lower.
Sorghum was a 1/2 cent lower.  Soybeans were 10 cents higher.  Wheat was steady
to 8 1/4 cents lower.

                             DATE               CHANGE                 YEAR AGO
TRUCK BIDS:                  2/13/2018         2/12/2018              2/14/2017

   Kansas City (HRW ORD)     4.6950            DN 3.00                  4.1525
   Minneapolis               6.1675            DN 8.25                  5.7800
   Portland (SWW)            5.3000-5.4875     UNCH-DN 3.25          4.8500-4.8900
   St. Louis (SRW)           4.6000-4.7700     DN 4.00-DN 3.00       4.4400-4.5500

Corn, US No 2 Yellow:
   Kansas City               3.5175            DN 0.25               3.5425-3.5600
   Minneapolis               n/a               No Comp               3.5425-3.5600
   So. Iowa                  3.4175-3.5175     DN 0.25               3.4875-3.6200
   Omaha                     3.4600-3.5000     UNCH-DN 5.00          3.3500-3.4400

Soybeans, US No 1 Yellow:
   Kansas City               9.7675-9.8175     UP 10.00              9.9500-9.9700
   Minneapolis               n/a               No Comp                   n/a
   So. Iowa                  9.6675-9.7975     UP 10.00              9.9500-10.1500
   Cent. Il Processor        9.9375-10.0875    UP 10.00              10.3000-10.4000

   Kansas City Wheat  (Mar)  4.7450            DN 3.00                  4.6525
   Minneapolis Wheat  (Mar)  6.0175            DN 8.25                  5.6800
   Chicago Wheat      (Mar)  4.6075            DN 3.25                  4.4950
   Chicago Corn       (Mar)  3.6675            DN 0.25                  3.7425
   Chicago Soybeans   (Mar)  10.1175           UP 10.00                10.4500

*EXPORT BIDS:  Barge bids out of the Port of New Orleans,
or Rail out of the North Texas Gulf. Bids Per bushel, except sorghum per cwt.

US 1 HRW Wheat Ord Protein
                             n/a               No Comp               4.2525-4.4525
US 2 Soft Red Winter Wheat
                             5.2075-5.2575     DN 3.25               5.0150-5.0650
  Barge                      4.1175-4.1475     DN 0.25-UP 0.75       4.1425-4.1925
US 2 Sorghum
  Rail                       8.3350-8.6925     DN 0.50                  7.2200
  Barge                      n/a               No Comp                   n/a
US 2 Yellow Soybeans
  Barge                      10.4675-10.4775   UP 10.00              10.7400-10.8600

Source: USDA-MO Dept of Ag Market News Service, St Joseph, MO
        Lindsay Brunet, Market Reporter 816-676-7000   StJoe.LGMN@ams.usda.gov
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