Precious Metals - Gold Trade call from Playbook today

At TradeGuidance, we cover a very wide variety of instruments and assemble a playbook card for both the Globex and Day trade session. The markets have become so Global and round-the-clock these days that traders ability to trade the market virtually 24 X 7 and having a wide variety of choice for instruments, makes a service like ours very versatile. For about the cost of 1-tick per day, we give you guidance that is hassle free. Email us today at and allow us to show you how, like the Gold call made below, we can make you a successful short-term trader, using a combination of futures and options.

Here is the calls made today - we draw your attention in this article specificall to the Gold suggestion, called Long at a price point of 1319.5, and supplemented with a DailyTarget guidance which was nicely profitable to our subscribers.


Here is the chart that supplements that trade call